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Tulip Festival

Shutter Tours is the most highly rated tour company in Washington State for Tulip Festival Tours. Not only do we provide the best Tulip Festival Tours but we have developed strong relationships with all the farmers and growers to provide you with the best experience that no other company can match. We have been a proud sponsor of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival since 2012 and are excited to share this amazing trip with you.

We offer Downtown Seattle Hyatt Regency Hotel located at 808 Howell St at 7:30 AM (return by 5:00 PM). We also pick up at the Swamp Creek Park and Ride in Lynnwood, WA between 8-8:15 AM (return by 4:30 PM). Your trip with us will also include photo tips to take better photos while you enjoy the gardens and tour narration to learn more about the Skagit Valley and tulip growing process.

Shutter Tours has also arranged VIP entrance to the gardens saving you time standing in line to enjoy the tulips more. We also know how to avoid the long traffic lines and take care of the details so you can have an enjoyable day with us.

Watch our Tulip Festival video on YouTube for more information


Bloom Map

Click on the image below for an updated map of which tulip and daffodil fields are in bloom. (Bloom map courtesy of Washington Bulb Company)

Tulip bloom map in Mt. Vernon, Washington

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Photo video from previous years

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Our itinerary ensures adequate time spent at each location allowing individual feedback and suggestions from our guides. We've done all the work and planning, so you can spend your time having a positive experience.


For your convenience we also provide the following:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Umbrellas
  • First aid kit

Please contact us at 425-516-8838 if a day/time you want to book the tour is unavailable.